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Hi, I'm Sam! I'm finishing up a masters degree in Information Systems. I think the profile pic gives it away, but I'm primarily an Apple guy, though I grew up on Windows and Linux. I like to have a foot in as many tech doors as possible.

So the crux of this thesis is simply: stop looking at new technology like it has to replace something else for it to be successful. You don’t need to replace the smartphone, you don’t need to replace the laptop, and you don’t need to replace the desktop to be considered a successful product. Instead you should look at each product category as another tool that people have to leverage to get their work done.

Okay so here are my thoughts after a few months with the NuPhy Air 96 v2. I’m not much of a mechanical keyboard user and I talk about that and how it affects my perception of the keyboard as well. If you want, there’s also a list of as many specs as I could think of at the bottom of this article if you would like to just read that as well. But this isn’t a spec sheet, it’s a review, so here are my thoughts:

So this isn’t the end all be all of the iPad finally finding its footing. I’m not going to try and pretend that it is, but at the conclusion of Apple’s Let Loose iPad event today, I’ve come away feeling like iPad is finally starting to hit a stride.

It’s no secret that Apple seriously needs to rethink the way the iPad lineup looks. There are currently 5 different screen sizes (8.3″, 9.7″, 10.9″, 11″, and 12.9″) and 4 different lines (iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro). This is just a lot of different things going on and it could really stand to be streamlined quite a bit.

So we all know what happened back in 2020: Epic Games knowingly broke the terms and conditions of both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store by linking out to an external payment processor, skirting the 30% fee that both Apple and Google take from all transactions on their stores.

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my first post on AllThingsTech!

I’m Sam, and I’m a fresh-out-of-college tech guy, ready to give you a little glimpse into my thoughts on the world of technology.