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In almost 45 years of tech nerdery I’ve covered a fair amount of ground software-wise. I saw a question posted online not too long ago, asking people what the “best app you’ve ever used?” and it had me thinking through everything I can remember messing with over the decades. After giving it a chunk of consideration I arrived at the answer.

So the crux of this thesis is simply: stop looking at new technology like it has to replace something else for it to be successful. You don’t need to replace the smartphone, you don’t need to replace the laptop, and you don’t need to replace the desktop to be considered a successful product. Instead you should look at each product category as another tool that people have to leverage to get their work done.

Okay so here are my thoughts after a few months with the NuPhy Air 96 v2. I’m not much of a mechanical keyboard user and I talk about that and how it affects my perception of the keyboard as well. If you want, there’s also a list of as many specs as I could think of at the bottom of this article if you would like to just read that as well. But this isn’t a spec sheet, it’s a review, so here are my thoughts: