What Is AllThingsTech.social?

What Is AllThingsTech.social?

Now that you're here, you're likely wondering, what exactly is AllThingsTech.social as far as a site, a Mastodon instance and beyond? Today, I hope to give you at least a brief explanation of what I feel AllThingsTech.social is and what I hope it becomes.

Where Did The Name Come From?

I know many will ask, where, how or why did you come up with the name AllThingsTech.social? To be honest, it was completely random. I had some people that I follow on Mastodon, such as @jcrabapple@dmv.community suggest some names that they thought were good to use. One of those were mobiletech.world which I actually did register. However, after registering it and thinking about it a bit more, I didn't want to be tied to just "mobile" tech. I want something more open to all things tech related. See what I did there?

Oddly though, even after saying that in my head, it didn't click at first that AllThingsTech would be a good idea for a domain name.

After speaking to another follower of mine, and the two of us suggesting about 15 - 20 possible domain names, it eventually clicked and I came up with AllThingsTech.social.

AllThingsTech was pretty obvious as to what it means. Anything and everything tech related and not focused on just one aspect such as mobile, PC or whatever. The .social part was because I knew I was going to at least start a Mastodon instance along with a website. So the .social part for Mastodon seemed like the right way to go since Mastodon is a social platform.

What Does AllThingsTech.social Mean From A Users Point Of View?

That is a really good question that I ask myself constantly and therefore I'm sure others will be asking as well.

What I envision from AllThingsTech.social, especially the Mastodon side of things, is a safe place to call home and to share things on a regular basis. If you want to share things tech related, then share tech related things. If you want to share pictures of your animal(s), then that's what you are welcome to share.

AllThingsTech.social is also a safe place for all walks of life. We don't look down nor judge anyone based on race, sex, sexual preference, political preference, religious preference or anything similar.

If you are part of the LGBQTIA+ community, we welcome you with open arms. I specifically mention this community because I know that the way our world is right now, folks within that community have a real struggle, sadly, with finding a safe space that they can be themselves and voice their opinion and share things about their daily lives.

As stated above, we welcome anyone and everyone to AllThingsTech.social and we do so with open arms. We want this place to be a positive, safe, happy, fun, loving place that others are happy to call home. We want to build a community amongst communities and to provide a place that others can build long lasting friendships along the way.

Where Do I See AllThingsTech.social In 3 Months, 6 Months And Beyond?

Let me be completely honest here when I answer this question. Overall, I kind of explained this above with regards to what I want the AllThingsTech.social community and Mastodon instance to be. But I know that's not really the full answer you're likely looking for.

The real answer is, I'm not really sure. I don't want to throw out specific numbers in any way at all as I don't want anyone to be let down by those numbers. I'd rather have something in my head and if/when that gets surpassed, I can post about it as a milestone and that makes it bigger and better in my opinion.

I will say this however. To start with, since I'm obviously completely new to being an admin of a Mastodon instance, and still pretty new to Mastodon in general, I don't want to open up the server and instantly get 500 users in a few days or a few weeks. In fact, the plan I currently pay for has an approximate cap of about 500 users in total. I want to start slow, work my way up, approve each and every member that becomes a user of the instance. Just as stated above, I feel this allows us to build a better, safer, more exciting community and this will allow us to scale when needed, as needed and however it's needed. Again, this is a huge learning experience for me and I'm hoping to make the best of it.

Would I like to see 200 users on the instance in let's say 2 months? Sure I would. I feel that would be a pretty huge accomplishment. Again, I'm not holding my breath and making that a hard goal to shoot for.

Final Thoughts Before Launcing AllThingsTech.social

To say that I'm excited about launching my own Mastodon instance is a huge understatement. At the same time however, I'm super nervous, for several reasons. First and foremost is what I mentioned above. I'm new to this and by new, I mean completely new. Second, it's just me at first. I have no moderators, I have no fellow admins/owners or anything similar.

While yes, I've had a couple of people show interest, and I certainly appreciate that interest, I feel the best way to go about finding moderators or just other staff in general, is to open up the instance, get some users on board, and see who is who and who might be interested or who shows a sense of leadership.

So, with all of that said, things will be opening up over the coming days as far as the AllThingsTech.social Mastodon instance is concerned. If you feel you have what it takes to possibly become a moderator or a staff member, feel free to sign up and join the instance and show me what you got!

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