Review: RK Royal Kludge RK925 Foldable Keyboard

Review: RK Royal Kludge RK925 Foldable Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are popular with geeks because they can be customized with a variety of switches and keycaps. But have you ever seen a mechanical keyboard that can fold? Well, you will today because I’m going to tell you about the RK Royal Kludge RK925 folding mechanical keyboard. It’s certainly something different than what you will normally see when it comes to a mechanical keyboard.

The Royal Kludge RK925 is a foldable mechanical keyboard that can be either wired or wireless, depending on your preference. Don’t take the Kludge part of the name in a bad way here, as it’s not meant as if it’s an ill-assorted collection of parts assembled to fulfill a particular purpose.

As you can see it’s definitely a foldable keyboard. But what’s different about the Royal Kludge RK925 it folds horizontally instead of vertically like most foldable keyboards you see will do. This truly sets it apart right from the start in my opinion.

Unfortunately once it’s folded in half, there is no locking mechanism or anything similar to keep it folder. You have to rely on the way you store it in your bag or whatever. There is however a velvet pouch for the folded keyboard to fit in, so that does keep it from coming unfolded if you store it in that.

Another thing that most gamers, among others, will appreciate about the RK925 is that it’s what they call a 60% keyboard with only 68 mechanical backlit keys.

Along the top edge of the Royal Kludge RK925 is where you will find the power switch, the USB-C charging/connectivity port and the foldout phone/tablet holder if you wish to use it with a mobile device. One neat thing is, the RK925 can be paired with up to 3 different devices using Bluetooth 5.1.

The foldout phone/tablet holder is very sturdy and has no issues at all. It will even work with cases, depending on their thickness of course. I personally used it with an iPhone 12 Pro and a Pixel 6 Pro while on vacation in Las Vegas.

This keyboard uses low profile white switches that have a 12mm height and a 1.4mm distance to actuation.

The double shot ABS keycaps have a very shallow concave shape but they are full-size keys allowing typing to feel roomy and comfortable. Being a mechanical keyboard, typing on it results in a pleasant clickity clackity. I found the volume of the clicking and clacking to be fine for my ears but if you work in a quiet office, you might bother others.

The backlight is bright but not too bright. It can be completely turned off or you can switch it to a ‘breathing’ mode where it will fade in and out.

As I mentioned above, the Royal Kludge RK925 can be used wired or wirelessly as the choice is up to you.

It has a 600mAh battery that will give you up to 200 hours of nonstop typing with the backlight off and is fully recharged in 2-3 hours.

Note that this keyboard seems to automatically time out and go into power savings mode after about a minute. So if you come back to your desk and start typing, you might lose a stroke or two before you notice.

One thing to note is that the RK925 does not include a Mac mode so using it with a Macbook Pro or something similar works, but you won’t be able to do the special key combos using the OPTION and CMD keys unfortunately. If you can live without those special key combos, then using it with a Macbook or anything similar should work without any other issues.

Discount Code

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Royal Kludge for allowing me to review this product and others that they have sent over in the past. They have also provided me with a special URL that anyone can use to save a total of 10% off of your entire purchase across their site. So if you’re interested in purchasing the RK Royal Kludge RK925 folding mechanical keyboard, or any of their products, you can enter code DECRYPTED to Save 10% On Your Entire Order.

Final Thoughts

It’s nice to see a company that makes normal every day products come up with something different and do it differently than you would expect. The Royal Kludge RK925 does exactly that while maintaining the ability to work as expected. It’s very well made, sturdy, solid, portable and affordable.

If you’re looking for or in the need of a keyboard you can easily take with you but not have all the bulkiness of a regular keyboard, then this is certainly one product you should take a look at. Throw in that the price is only $79.99 if you buy directly from RK Royal Kludge.

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